Besides the laser, you have microneedles

Microneedle therapy is to directly puncture countless fine needles on the epidermis on the dermis of the part to be improved, and roll back and forth evenly to induce the production of growth factors under the dermis and stimulate the proliferation of collagen. In a short time, the microneedle roller can produce more than 200000 micro tubes, which can be combined with different active ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid EGF growth factor and other medical grade skin care products can be properly introduced and instantly absorbed into the small skin pores through the puncture of the micro needle roller, which can quickly start the recovery mechanism of collagen and fibroblast proliferation in the dermis and subcutaneous, and induce the tissue in the skin to start a series of cell reconstruction, so as to whiten and reduce pores through every inch of skin rolled by the micro needle roller Fade fine lines, fat lines, stretch marks and firm and delicate rejuvenation effect.

The effect of treating acne scar is the best

The effect of microneedle in the treatment of acne scars is more comparable to that of dermabrasion laser, without the problem of anti red and anti black after operation. At present, microneedle is the preferred treatment for patients with acne scars. It is generally believed that such treatment is similar to dermabrasion, which will cause bleeding or scab on the skin. In fact, compared with the two, dermabrasion will wear off the whole layer of the epidermis, so it will cause bleeding and scab. The shallow roller keeps the epidermis intact, because it only produces tiny channels in the epidermis, which will close in a few hours. Since the epidermis is not damaged, there will be no obvious wound on the face. Therefore, side effects such as fruit acid skin replacement or laser dermabrasion, such as skin anti blackening, pain or recovery period of ugly duckling, will not occur in microneedle roller therapy.

There will be one or two days of flushing or some swelling after the treatment of microneedle roller. Because the skin is easy to dry, sometimes the cuticle of the skin will desquamate, which is an important process of cell repair and regeneration. Therefore, it is very important to strengthen continuous moisturizing and sunscreen. Generally, the length of treatment depends on the individual constitution and symptoms. Usually, it can be improved in 1 ~ 2 weeks. As the micro needle roller is a mild therapy with low aggression, its treatment scope covers a wide range. It can be applied to fine lines, pockmarks, concave scars, coarse pores and stretch marks on the face. After treatment, it can return to work. It is the first choice for treatment with immediate effect and economic benefits. It is also the only treatment comparable to shuttle laser in the market.

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