Vivace RF Microneedle Firming Machine

Can micro Acupuncture Treat sensitive muscles? Is micro acupuncture good for sensitive muscles

Microneedles should be familiar to everyone. The efficacy of this medical beauty project is also very comprehensive. It can remove wrinkles, wrinkles, acne and so on. Can we solve the problem of large facial pores with microneedles?

Can microneedles shrink pores

Microneedles can reduce skin pores, and the effect after surgery is relatively significant. In the process of operation, this operation mainly uses many tiny needles to damage the skin in the skin area, and then achieves the purpose of reducing pores through self-healing. It can not only reduce pores, but also play an obvious wrinkle removal function. However, because the pores of every beauty lover are different, the treatment course will be different. Therefore, we should try to go to the local more formal hospital and doctor to determine the specific operation plan and operation times after face-to-face consultation, which can ensure the effect of the operation.

Can microneedles shrink pores? Does microneedles shrink pores

Does microneedle shrink pores have an effect

Micro has a certain effect on shrinking pores. If the pores are too large, microneedles can be used to improve the size of pores, inhibit the relaxation of pores and reduce the negative effects of pores. If operated by a professional doctor, the project is relatively safe, almost painless and less harmful to the skin. Microneedles are provided through the skin through mechanical and physical microneedles, and assist RF through the role of microneedles and the deep collagen stimulation area of the skin, so as to achieve the purpose of collagen remodeling and make the skin lasting. Microneedle therapy is designed to improve a variety of skin problems, including removing wrinkles, repairing damage and removing wrinkles. A micro needle beauty speed therapy can achieve a comprehensive nursing effect, and because it directly acts on the deep skin, it has a more obvious effect than the traditional treatment.

Can microneedles shrink pores? Does microneedles shrink pores

What is the reason of pox explosion after microneedle

The reason why acne occurs after microneedle is mainly caused by poor microneedle composition and poor postoperative care. In fact, acne after microneedle is an allergic phenomenon.

At present, there are many micro needles, but at present, the quality of micro needle supporting maintenance products is uneven and lack of supervision. If beauty lovers happen to encounter that the products used with micro needles contain acne causing ingredients, it is likely to cause beauty lovers to burst acne after completing micro needles. The common pox products include paraffin mineral oil, vaseline oil, beeswax, lanolin, benzoic acid preservatives, flavors and fragrances.

Can microneedles shrink pores? Does microneedles shrink pores

What should we pay attention to when the micro needle is finished

  1. Choose the length of microneedle according to your own needs. Personally, I don’t think it is necessary to apply anesthetic below 1mm, which will affect the effect.
  2. Within 72 hours after the end of microneedle, pay attention not to bask in the sun, no makeup, no sunscreen, no skin care. Do not touch water within 36 hours.
  3. before applying the freeze-dried powder, it is best to wipe the face with saline solution. There is dirt and grease. I spray it with the spray of the sprayer and wipe it. (because the skin will be very dry after microneedle and can be hydrated) it may dry and itch halfway. Don’t scratch it with your hands.

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