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Can microneedles remove stretch marks

Stretch marks will inevitably appear between pregnant women, which makes many women feel very headache. With the development of medicine, stretch marks can be completely removed by micro needle, but some women are very worried. You might as well follow Xiaobian to find out.

Can microneedles remove stretch marks

Can microneedles remove stretch marks?

First of all, Xiaobian will talk about what is microneedle. Now, through the technology of making microneedle roller, it can alleviate the insufficient absorption of drugs by the skin and effectively combat scars. That is to roll on the abdominal skin of beauty lovers, so as to make the skin, so as to create some small transmission pipes on the skin surface, which has the effect of repairing stretch marks. At the same time, it can also make the skin get sufficient nutrition and blood, and finally remove stretch marks. Because the micro needle roller can maximize the absorption of the skin, the drug can effectively remove stretch marks only after five times of treatment. The method is carried out once a month. It is very simple. It only takes one hour and will not affect work and life. Within 24 hours of treatment, the skin may have flushing, which can disappear in about a day. Although this technology has been very mature, it must be carried out in a regular hospital.

Then Xiaobian will talk about the effect of micro needle on removing pregnancy spots. There will be a large number of small needles on the micro needle roller, which has the effect of skin, and can produce a large number of small pipes on the skin surface, so that the active substances can directly penetrate into the skin, which has the effect of and repair. At the same time, it can also remove wrinkles and pregnancy marks on the skin. It can not only effectively remove stretch marks, but also whiten the skin, improve the wrinkles and dark circles of the eyes. In addition, it can also improve the sagging skin, maintain the elasticity of the skin and make the face more compact.

How to remove stretch marks in life?

  1. Bone collagen supplement

After eating foods rich in vitamin C, the skin should be more elastic, so that the child can eat more collagen, so that the skin can recover quickly.

  1. Let the skin get enough moisture

At ordinary times, we should do a good job in moisturizing the skin, so that the dry skin can get some nutrition. We can choose products with good moisturizing function. At the same time, we can also choose bone collagen. We can exercise properly before pregnancy, do not exercise too much, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and replenish vitamins for the body.

Before pregnancy, we should do a good job in the prevention of stretch marks and exercise. During pregnancy, we can apply more olive oil and wipe the skin with cold water, so as to maintain the elasticity of the skin and pay attention to the balance of nutrition.

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