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Gold micro needle: help you remove armpit odor easily

In the hot summer, everyone begins to change into cool T-shirts and sexy skirts. However, when summer really comes, some friends feel very frightened, because there is always a trace of peculiar smell under their armpits, so they dare not change into cool T-shirts and are even ashamed to meet people socially. This underarm odor is what we often call underarm odor, but now the gold micro needle can help you get rid of underarm odor easily. What are you waiting for? Hurry up!

The gold micro needle removes axillary odor. The gold wrapped micro needle technology is used to heat. After the matrix micro needles enter the deep layer of the skin, they emit RF energy at the tip of the needle. Cleverly avoid the transmission loss of RF energy, safely and effectively destroy the apocrine glands (apocrine glands) and small sweat glands, so as to eliminate axillary odor; At the same time, the gold insulating protective layer protects the epidermis and dermis and reduces the damage to the skin. To continuously reduce axillary perspiration and reduce peculiar smell, so as to achieve a good therapeutic effect.

Technical advantages of gold micro needle: advantage 1 of gold micro needle: safe and fast

More than ten minutes of deodorization without leaving scars. The gold micro needle directly and accurately acts on the dermis. The RF energy is released from the excellent at the moment when the micro needle quickly penetrates into the deep skin to reach the dermis. The treatment is accurate and complete without damaging the surface skin. The micro needle process takes only about 15 minutes, which is fast and safe. It is a safe and fast method to remove axillary odor without leaving scars at present.

Gold micro needle advantage 2: painless and effective

Gold micro needle can be used to remove sweat glands without surgery. Without surgery, large sweat glands and small sweat glands can be quickly destroyed, and axillary perspiration can be continuously reduced and peculiar smell can be removed, so as to achieve the effect of removing axillary peculiar smell. Micro invasive and accurate micro needle treatment effectively solves the problems of complex traditional axillary odor removal treatment, long recovery period and easy infection, It does not affect life and work.

Gold microneedle advantage 3: energy ablation

High cure rate, accurate release of high-frequency heat energy, and removal of axillary odor with gold micro needle have broken through the defects of large injury and poor effect such as traditional surgery, medicine and laser cauterization, and have been greatly improved in minimally invasive and high efficiency.

Advantage 4 of gold micro needle: one technique is multi-purpose. While removing axillary odor, gold micro needle can also depilate. The RF energy of gold micro needle can quickly penetrate into the deep layer of skin, destroy axillary hair follicles and play the role of depilation.

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