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Gold micro needle in addition to axillary odor, bold and close contact with people

Since summer, sweat has naturally increased. If it is a space, there is a suffocating smell of axillary odor from time to time. There must be no one around the place. If someone passes by, they will leave quickly, which also leads to no one willing to be with people with axillary odor. If there is axillary odor, it’s better to choose gold micro needle.

Gold micro needle in addition to axillary odor, bold and close contact with people

How about gold micro needle?

  1. One technique for multiple purposes

Gold micro needle can not only remove axillary odor, but also its RF energy can destroy axillary hair follicles and have a hair removal effect.

  1. Painless and effective

Gold micro needle uses dot matrix treatment technology, which can quickly destroy large sweat glands and small sweat glands without surgery, continuously reduce axillary perspiration and remove peculiar smell, so as to achieve the effect of removing axillary peculiar smell.

The minimally invasive and accurate micro needle treatment method effectively solves the problems of complex traditional axillary osmidrosis treatment, long recovery period and easy infection. It can do and go without affecting daily life and work communication.

  1. Safe and fast

The RF energy of the gold micro needle quickly penetrates the deep layer of the skin and reaches the dermis. It releases energy from the excellent skin instantly. The treatment is accurate and complete without damaging the surface skin. The micro needle process takes only about 15 minutes, fast and safe.

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