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How about the depilation effect of insulated micro needle

At present, there are many methods for hair removal, such as laser hair removal, photon hair removal, insulated micro needle hair removal, etc. What is the effect of insulated micro needle hair removal? Insulated microneedle depilation can be understood as electrolytic depilation. When using, pay attention to the depth of the needle tip into the epidermis, which is easy to cause adverse consequences such as inflammation.

How about the depilation effect of insulated micro needle

1、 How about the depilation effect of insulated micro needle

The principle of insulated microneedle depilation is a long-term depilation operation certified by the U.S. administration. It is an electrolytic hair removal method. In addition to the hair in the nose, any other hair on the body can be removed, such as arms, thighs, chest, abdomen, waist and other parts, which can achieve satisfactory hair removal effect.

Insulated microneedle depilation uses a microneedle as thin as hair to enter the hair follicle. At this time, there is almost no pain. High frequency current can damage hair follicles and achieve the effect of long-term hair removal. Insulated microneedle hair removal is a very accurate hair follicle. It will not damage normal sweat glands and other tissues. The skin is basically not damaged, nor will it leave scars, and the side effects are relatively small. It is an efficient and long-term hair removal technology.

Working principle of household insulated micro needle depilator: it is to gently slide the household insulated micro needle permanent depilator into the hair follicle along the hair growth direction, and the sliding depth is generally 1-3mm, which depends on the depth of the hair root. Pay attention to keep the conductive part of the needle tip under the epidermis and control the scale, otherwise it is easy to cause adverse consequences such as inflammation and burns.

In daily life, insulated microneedle depilation can quickly depilate in a short time, but it can not fundamentally inhibit the growth of hair, because the growth of hair has three stages: growth period, degenerative period and resting period. Insulated microneedle depilation can only play a role in the growth of hair. Therefore, depilation should also be carried out in different stages. Diagnosis and treatment should be carried out once every 3 months, and satisfactory results can be achieved after 2 ~ 3 times. Even if the insulation micro needle hair removal is very convenient and effective, there will be some side effects. If used improperly, it can easily lead to infection and local scar formation.


  1. This operation has the advantages of small trauma, short operation time, quick effect, small side effects, no need to be hospitalized after operation, and will not hinder the normal work of beauty seekers.
  2. The insulated micro needle hair removal technology has little trauma and will not leave too much scar after operation. It can basically reduce the swelling within a few days. It can restore nature without removing the suture after operation.
  3. The one-time hair removal effect of insulated micro needle is better than that of other hair removal methods for 3 ~ 5 times.
  4. Long term hair removal with insulated microneedles is to use insulated microneedles thinner than hair to gently slide into hair follicles and quickly destroy hair follicles with instantaneous UHF current to achieve long-term hair removal without growth.


  1. The scope of application is narrow.
  2. If the environmental sterility is not good during the operation, there is the possibility of infection.
  3. Try to avoid ponding at the treatment site 7 days after operation to avoid infecting the treatment site.

The insulating micro needle has good hair removal effect, no need to remove the wire, short process and small side effects. In order to obtain good hair removal effect, it is recommended to select a formal organization and find a professional doctor before hair removal, so as to make it convenient to do according to their own actual situation and ensure the effect and safety of hair removal.

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