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How about the effect of micro needle speckle removal

How about the effect of micro needle speckle removal? But now there are some micro needle beauty instruments on the market, which not only can not have good curative effect, but also may induce skin cancer and other problems. So many beauty seekers want to know how micro needle can do micro needle speckle removal effect? Let Xiao Bian answer this question for us.

How about the effect of micro needle speckle removal

Microneedle cosmetology is a method of microneedle cosmetology. The utility model uses many tiny needles on the micro needle roller to stimulate the skin, and achieves the whitening effect in a short time through the self-healing ability of the skin. In fact, microneedle beauty can also be solved. You only need to apply a thin layer of repair product on the micro needle roller, and the needle mouth of micro needle beauty has no scar, and you haven’t felt any pain and discomfort during the treatment. However, after microneedle cosmetology, if the care is improper, the effect may also be bad.

Side effects of microneedle Meisu:

  1. Slight redness; This symptom is still rare when doing microneedle beauty, but it will appear if skin care is not done well.
  2. Swelling and pain; It is suitable for micro beauty and small bleeding needle eyes, with short recovery period.

However, many people will have symptoms of swelling, pain and pain after microneedle beauty. This is because the needle eye of microneedle beauty is large and there is exudate. It is obvious 2 ~ 3 days after operation, and it will slowly disappear after 3 ~ 5 days. The needle eye is also very likely to appear. Usually, it is caused by wound infection or scab on the skin. At this time, various infectious factors may also lead to inflammation around the needle eye, so that the needle eye cannot heal. After operation, due to the slow healing and recovery of the needle eye, it may cause wound bleeding or congestion. Generally, it is necessary to connect and wipe the wound with sterilized cotton powder to prevent further infection of the wound.

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