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How many days after microneedle?

Generally, it takes 7-14 days to recover after the completion of microneedle. Some people have a short recovery time, which can be recovered in about 4 days. After the completion of microneedle, the different recovery time is determined according to the skin thickness of different beauty lovers, and is also related to the microneedle specification accepted by individuals. The short recovery time is generally about 4 days, and those who recover for a long time need to recover for 14 days, or even more than 20 days.

Does it take a long time for microneedle to recover to normal a few days after microneedle

Is the recovery time of microneedle long

The recovery time of microneedles is affected by the following factors.

  1. Personal constitution of beauty lovers

Different beauty lovers have different constitutions and different skin thickness. Some beauty lovers themselves have slower metabolism, so the recovery time after microneedle skin beautification will be longer. For some people who can recover quickly after being injured, they can recover faster after micro needle skin beautification.

  1. Specification of microneedle

There are generally five different specifications of microneedles used in microneedle skin treatment. Generally, the 0.3mm microneedle used in the eye can recover the fastest, while the 2.0mm microneedle used for wound repair will take a longer time for beauty lovers to recover after the treatment. According to the metabolic law of the skin, it generally takes 28 days.

Does it take a long time for microneedle to recover to normal a few days after microneedle

What should we pay attention to after microneedle

  1. In order to achieve good course of treatment, doctors may take advanced repair procedures as required after treatment, such as facial mask, ice collocation, beauty care, clearing, etc., please consult the details of the follow-up treatment of medical staff.
  2. Do not massage and knead excessively within two weeks after operation, and avoid high temperature, damp and hot environment. Do not be exposed to the sun for a long time. Note that smoking and alcohol prohibition, sauna or vigorous exercise are required. At the same time, pay attention not to rub the injection site hard.
  3. After 60 days of postoperative repair, oral microneedles are matched with acme-tea, twice a day, one bag each time, 12g each bag, and the use time can be extended according to individual needs.
  4. Alcohol and spicy food are prohibited.
  5. Do not wipe the treatment area with ointment, care products or color cosmetics after operation, and do not touch the treatment area with your hands to reduce the probability of infection.

Does it take a long time for microneedle to recover to normal a few days after microneedle

How long can I see the effect after finishing the micro needle

There will be no effect immediately after the micro needle is completed. The effect will not be seen until about a week, because those with inflammation in the early stage will be a little swollen and have a time for absorption. Keep the surgical site dry and clear.

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