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Large pores with spots, micro needle or water light

Which girl doesn’t like beautiful ones? Which girl doesn’t dream of being beautiful? Beauty is the nature of every girl, so many girls will choose to inject water light. It’s just water light surgery, which is not as simple as we think. We need to understand its relevant contents and know everything about it in order to help ourselves. Let’s take a look. Do you want to do micro needle or water light if there are spots in thick pores.

Large pores with spots, micro needle or water light_ Micro needle and water light are better

  1. Water light injection is better than microneedle. The operation time is shorter and the absorption rate is higher
  2. Don’t wash your face on the day after the operation
  3. Although it is good, do not make up, pay attention not to rub the treated part, and do not make other diagnosis and treatment at the same time. Try to avoid sauna within five days and ban smoking and alcohol within a week.
  4. Do a good job of moisturizing
  5. Moisturizing after Shuiguang injection is one of the key points. Make good use of medical skin care products given by the hospital, increase the water content and lipid composition of the skin cuticle, repair the epidermis, rebuild the skin barrier, resist irritation and anti-inflammatory diseases, and make the skin recover better.
  6. It’s not impossible to use your own ordinary skin care products, but you must choose mild and non irritating skin care products.
  7. Pay attention to sunscreen

Sunscreen is also the focus after water light injection. The radiation of sunlight will accelerate the aging process of the skin and enter the aging condition in advance, such as deep wrinkles, uneven skin color, color spots, etc. at the same time, the sunburn of ultraviolet rays on the skin is cumulative, so it has been done before it can be recognized by the naked eye, and these damages are often irreversible. You should hold an umbrella when you go out and apply sunscreen in advance, and remember to apply it every two to three 3 hours.

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