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Nursing after microneedle operation

0-3 days redness and swelling stage

Recovery Tips: Recovery Tips: 1-2 days is the redness period, during which there will be some pain, flushing, local slight protruding skin surface and other discomfort.

Nursing method: nursing method: do not touch water within 1.6-8 hours; Wash your face with clean water 8 hours after operation; 2. Apply ointment thinly for 3 days to prevent infection and use epidermal growth factor to promote repair; 3. after 2-3 days, the skin care products used before the operation can be used 2-3 times a day. Wrinkles should be added to the wrinkle essence.

4-7 days adaptation period

Recovery Tips: Recovery Tips: during the minimally invasive water shortage period of about 3-5 days, the skin may be dark yellow and dull, and peeling may occur.

Nursing methods: nursing methods: 1 Pay attention to moisturizing and sunscreen to avoid pigmentation caused by sunburn; 2. Clean the nursing area to prevent bacterial infection.

8-30 days effect display period

Recovery Tips: Recovery Tips: after 7 days, enter the tissue reorganization and repair period, there may be slight itching, but the skin gloss and fineness begin to reflect.

Nursing methods: nursing methods: 1 The second treatment can be carried out after 28 days; 2. During the treatment, sun protection, dust prevention and anti stimulation should be paid attention to light diet and no spicy and irritating food.

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