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What are the application advantages of gold micro needle

If you are a little sister who knows more about beauty, you must have heard of gold micro needle. Gold micro needle is a relatively new beauty and rejuvenation treatment technology at present. Different from the traditional needle rolling treatment, gold micro needle has more advantages, and the effect after treatment is very good. Therefore, it has been welcomed by the majority of beauty lovers once it is launched. So what application advantages does gold micro needle have, which makes it a popular plastic and cosmetic project at present? Let’s go with Xiaobian to understand the application advantages of gold micro needle.

What are the application advantages of gold micro needle

The gold micro needle is mainly through the gold micro needle coated with insulating material on the periphery. The tip of the needle penetrates the epidermis and directly reaches the dermis, so as to effectively solve the skin problems such as concave scar and sagging skin after acne at the root of the problem. The application advantages of gold micro needle mainly include four aspects, which are described as follows:

  1. Quickly break through the skin barrier

Dense microneedles can create a better standard and unified puncture channel in a short time. By breaking through the facial epidermal barrier, they can accurately act on the dermis, so as to effectively stimulate the reconstruction and regeneration of new collagen, and then make the skin firm, delicate and elastic again.

  1. Accurately locate the treatment

Because the energy of gold RF microneedle is relatively stable and the accuracy is relatively high, it can adjust the energy, the depth can be adjusted, and can be adjusted freely to adapt to the skin thickness of each treatment part, so the accuracy of treatment is higher.

  1. Small trauma, light pain and no scar

Gold micro needle is equipped with automatic negative pressure sensing device of needle head. There will be slight pain during the treatment, which is within the acceptable range. After treatment, although the skin will feel a little red, there will be no blood spots and scabs. It belongs to minimally invasive treatment.

  1. It will not turn black after treatment and the time of shoes and clothes is short

Through the fixed-point puncture technology, the gold micro needle is accurately positioned at the location of the skin problem, which can easily penetrate the skin to the inner layer of the skin, effectively remove heavy metals, remove skin free radicals, and realize the rejuvenation of the skin. Therefore, it will not leave any risk of pigmentation, so as to effectively avoid the short-term skin anti melanin after treatment; In addition, although there will be slight redness, swelling or burning feeling after treatment, you don’t have to worry too much. Generally, you can recover in 2-3 days.

The above is the application advantages of gold micro needle. I believe that through the reading and learning of this article, everyone has a certain understanding of it. Therefore, although gold micro needle has many advantages, it still needs to be based on the selection of professional and formal plastic and cosmetic hospitals in order to achieve good postoperative results.

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