What are the functions of microneedles?

Microneedle is a common skin care method. Microneedle has many functions, so it has gradually become a plastic and cosmetic project loved by beauties. So, what are the common functions of microneedles? Let’s have a look!

What are the functions of microneedles?

  1. Freckle removing

The principle of microneedle freckle removal mainly relies on drugs to enter the skin and dilute the color spots. It doesn’t mean there is no effect, but it can only be said that it is difficult to cure. If you want freckle removal, you still have to find super picosecond.

  1. Acne removing

Because the micro needle pierces the skin, it first gives the skin an external stimulation to stimulate its callus ability. At the same time, with anti-inflammatory products, it enters the deep layer of the skin through the small channel made by the micro needle to achieve the purpose of acne elimination.

  1. Remove fine lines

Microneedle can remove the static dry lines of the skin, but it can not remove the dynamic wrinkles. After the microneedle pierces the skin, it is combined with moisturizing products, such as hyaluronic acid… Usually, hyaluronic acid is difficult to enter the deep layer of the skin because of its large molecule, but if the microneedle pierces the skin, hyaluronic acid can enter the skin along the channel pierced by the microneedle, which can well improve the problem of dry skin and effectively remove fine lines. Or the fine lines caused by the lack of elasticity of the skin can also be solved by micro needle. After all, the needle pierces the skin, stimulates the regeneration of skin collagen, and makes the skin younger in the process of recovery.

  1. Acne pit scar

The pox pit that usually causes scars must have been damaged in the dermis at the beginning. Generally, the epidermis is is broken and will not leave any scars. Therefore, the needle used at this time should go deep into the dermis, and the effect is obvious. The sign of whether it goes deep into the dermis is whether there is bleeding.

When the micro needle punctures the dermis, the punctured local skin will begin to repair the damage. In addition, some drugs to promote tissue repair will promote the proliferation of callus, and the new tissue will slowly fill the original depression.

  1. Improve skin sensitivity

Some sensitive skin especially want to thicken the skin barrier and thicken the damaged stratum corneum. Microneedles can do this, but they need to be combined with products that promote the growth of skin tissue, such as EGF (epidermal growth factor). Because the cuticle changes after the epidermal cells die, the cuticle will be thickened by micro needle stimulation and careful care. When the skin metabolic cycle is completed, the cuticle will be thickened.

The above is the role of micro needle project. Do beauties want to know more anti-aging plastic projects? Please contact the customer service of meilianwuyou official website!

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