Vivace RF Microneedle Firming Machine

What is the difference between gold micro needle and micro needle?

The function is the same as that of microneedles. It’s just deeper than microneedles. Better effect

Water needle

It is injected into the lower layer of the skin to replenish a large amount of water at one time.

The micro needle pierces the skin to make the skin care products better absorbed

Gold micro needle

It’s no different from microneedles, just a.

What is the principle and function of gold RF microneedle? Will it hurt the skin?

Gold micro needle RF is one of the safest and most effective methods for beauty wrinkle and acne removal. The principle is that the RF wave penetrates the barrier of epidermal basal melanocytes, heats the collagen fibers in the dermis to 55 ℃ – 65 ℃, and destroys the sebaceous glands and acne branches, so as to improve the facial pores, acne pits and marks, strong facial oil secretion and dark yellow skin color. Gold micro needle radiofrequency acne removal is based on the action of radiofrequency on the deep dermis to kill Propionibacterium acnes, play an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory role, and it can also effectively inhibit the secretion of sebaceous gland oil and prevent the recurrence of acne. In addition, radio frequency energy acts on scar tissue to promote cells to secrete collagen to remove acne marks and repair acne scars.

Stimulate subcutaneous collagen regeneration

Gold microneedles are provided through the skin through mechanical and physical microneedles, and assist RF to penetrate the microneedles and the deep collagen stimulating area of the skin, so as to achieve the purpose of collagen regeneration and remodeling, improve the skin texture, form a subcutaneous young replacement energy source, and directly, effectively and permanently rejuvenate the skin.

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