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What is the difference between gold RF microneedle and dot matrix laser?

Difference between gold RF microneedle and dot matrix laser

First, explain the gold RF microneedle and dot matrix laser

Lattice laser is divided into stripping lattice laser and non stripping lattice laser

The laser characteristics of peeling are

Through gasification and peeling off the epidermis, stimulate the regeneration of collagen and elastin to remove acne pits. It has long recovery time, high probability of color sedimentation, strong pain, and serious skin sensitivity due to improper treatment.

The characteristics of non stripping lattice laser are

The epidermis is not damaged. Under accurate control, the energy is concentrated in the dermis to smooth the acne pit by stimulating the regeneration of collagen. The advantage is that there is no scab removal and no recovery period, but the effect of non exfoliation is far less than that of exfoliation lattice laser.

Feijia gold RF micro needle beauty instrument, as its name implies, is to import high-energy RF energy through the micro needle, accurately act on target tissues at different depths, and make collagen shrink rapidly, so as to improve and tighten the skin. At the same time, collagen is regenerated and rapidly reorganized under the stimulation of RF energy, so as to regenerate the skin, tighten and lift, and weaken wrinkles.

The advantage is that the effect is remarkable and the duration is long. Because only RF heat energy is emitted at the tip of the electrode, there will be no thermal damage on the surface of the skin, and only very small pinholes will be caused. Therefore, no scab will be formed, only slight redness and swelling can be eliminated in 2-3 days. Compared with dot array laser, it is safer and more efficient.

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