Vivace RF Microneedle Firming Machine

What is the experience of gold soft micro needle skin changing from bad to good?

Focus on energy to create high-definition light beauty

By stimulating the skin, it makes a large number of fine pipes to make the active ingredients effectively penetrate into the skin. At the same time, fine rolling acupuncture can activate lazy cells, repair damaged cells, accelerate metabolism, and promote cell division and regeneration. The core technology of gold soft microneedle belongs to the “regular army”, which is mainly composed of SCA cell repair factor and has patented technology certified by the European Union and the United States.

Extract the soul of Mediterranean deep sea snail

Although the discovery of SCA cell repair factor is a coincidence, Spanish skin experts accidentally found a rare species – Mediterranean snail, which has survived for hundreds of millions of years, in their search for radiation research. It can secrete powerful repair fluid and make the wound recover itself within 48 hours.

Extract SCA active cell repair factor

Do you want to do these improvements for your skin?

Repair sensitive muscle

Anti aging and smoothing wrinkles

Improve pit marks

Dispel yellow and turn white

The golden soft micro needle can better restore the baby’s naked muscles, make the skin “open”, and the ultra-fine penetration can quickly make the skin clean and white.

Joint recommendation of medical and aesthetic experts

Gold soft microneedle has the support of national treasure repair brand from Spain. Compared with traditional application and ultrasonic introduction, gold soft microneedle can increase skin penetration and effectively improve nutrient penetration. The effect is more than 40 times, and the recovery cycle after treatment is more than half shorter than that of other microneedles

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