Will there be sequelae after finishing microneedle? What are the precautions for finishing the micro needle?

Nowadays, women love beauty very much, especially some young women, who are eager to have a beautiful face and delicate skin. Therefore, if they find acne marks and pits on their faces, they simply can’t accept it. This has a great impact on their appearance, and may seriously affect their personal feelings and marriage. Therefore, some people will make gold microneedles to solve skin problems. Will this leave sequelae?

Will there be sequelae after finishing microneedle? What are the precautions for finishing the micro needle?

1、 What should we pay attention to when making microneedles?

  1. Do not use functional cosmetics during the course of treatment;
  2. During the treatment of microneedle plastic, eat less spicy and stimulating food and do not drink drinks with strong pigment;
  3. Do not wash your face with water eight hours after the treatment, do a good job in sunscreen and dust prevention, and do not drink during the treatment;
  4. Avoid sunlight, computer radiation, do not apply irritating cosmetics, avoid sauna during the course of treatment, and eat more fruit food containing VC.

2、 How long does the microneedle cosmetic effect last?

Theoretically, the effect of microneedle beauty can be maintained for a long time, but the premise is that there are no new skin problems such as acne marks and stretch marks. In addition, in order to achieve good microneedle beauty effect, we need to do: sunscreen, dust-proof, anti irritating spicy food, and prohibit functional skin care products and cosmetics.

How many times does microneedle beauty have a good effect?

Microneedle to remove acne marks, all superficial wrinkles and stretch marks. These beauty treatments generally need to be done three times, because the effect of microneedle beauty is superimposed, so the effect of doing more times will be better. The interval of microneedle beauty should not be too short. It takes at least one month to repair the skin.

3、 After finishing the micro needle, why does the skin look black?

After the microneedle, the skin turns black. The reason is that the microneedle accelerates the discharge of melanin from the body to the outside, so the skin will look black. As long as the growth cycle is over and melanin is excluded from the body, the skin will become clearer and clearer.

4、 How long can we see the effect after microneedle?

The effect will not be seen immediately after the microneedle is completed, because the effect of microneedle needs to be reflected after the skin completely repairs the epidermal damage, which generally takes 28 days. Although the effect time of micro needle is relatively slow, it can improve the skin problems from the root. In addition, as long as it is properly maintained, the effect will be maintained for a long time.

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